Easiest Way To Grow Vegetables

Water & Forget...

With our unique self-watering system, all you need to do is

Simply Plant - Water & Let nature take over. Leaving you more time to spend doing other things you love. 

Grow it on a table... Standup or Sitdown gardening

WickitUp Self Watering Table-Top Gardens are exactly that.  

Our unique self-watering system, allows a person to grow fresh Organic vegetable's right on a table top. 

Perfect for those with back, knees or hip problems. When you garden on a tabletop you can either stand or sit as you tend your garden.

Self-Watering Gardens 101

Benifits of Self-Watering Gardens

Garden in smaller spaces

Container Gardening takes up less space.

Save Water

Use less water by only watering a small area.

Less Expence & Time

anyone can do it

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